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Potency remedies are becoming more and more popular. A dozen or so years ago, no one would admit to using these preparations. This is not a bad thing these days and more and more people are starting to take it. It is obvious that with age blood has more and more difficulties transporting.

A penis that is not sufficiently supplied with blood will have problems. Means for potency They are designed to relax all veins and help provide the right amount of blood. It is a very simple procedure, not invasive at all, and its effectiveness in many cases. An example of such a measure is Eron Plus recommended by 85% of men.

Eron Plus what is it

It is a potency remedy that is made of natural ingredients, so there should be no intense side effects on the body. It can be purchased at any pharmacy without a prescription and is aimed at men. This product is becoming more and more popular and it is safe to say that more and more people are satisfied with its performance. It should be noted that it comes to the customer in the form of two packages, which may surprise some. Is it:

– Eron Plus which are used daily and are designed to improve the general state of potency. This product is eaten twice a day.
– Eron Plus Before , the first product improves the general state of potency, while the second is used immediately before sexual intercourse to maximize the effects.

eron plus price

Special Promotion: 50% DISCOUNT + refund in case of
dissatisfaction with the product



To avoid buying fakes,  order the product on the manufacturer’s official website here.

Product review for potency and opinions

The reviews that can be found on the internet clearly show that this product is recommended by a large part of the public. In addition to opinions from men that appear because they are the main recipients of this product, you can also find opinions of women who are satisfied with your intercourse since their man began to apply Eron Plus . Below are 3 interesting opinions about the product.

Opinion of Marek from Sulejówek

The first adventures in bed are always difficult. Over time, everyone becomes skilled and boasts about their conquests. All the time I felt that something was missing. I couldn’t show my best side in bed! I bought Eron Plus because I didn’t know what to do. At first I thought it would be wasted money, but after a few uses, I noticed a significant difference in bed feeling, and my girlfriend  is in seventh heaven.

Opinion of Grzegorz from Bytów

A man who fails in bed will never be completely happy. My other half was comforting me all the time and saying that everything is fine, nothing happened. However, I felt that I was missing something, that I did not satisfy her 100%, so I do not have the pleasure of having sex myself. Fortunately, Eron Plus solved all my problems and I could start having fun with my beloved again.

Opinion of Tomek from Sopot

Eron Plus is a product made of natural ingredients that are very well absorbed by the human body. I used many preparations, most of which had chemical admixtures. They practically did not affect me at all, which made my self-confidence decrease all the time. Eron Plus was the first measure that surprised me positively and I will not exchange it for anything else.

Composition of Eron Plus

Eron Plus  contains natural ingredients that the body absorbs very well. Chemistry can cause various disorders and the body will not function properly. Below is a list of the natural ingredients that are included in the product.

L-arginine  – its purpose is to increase blood flow. This is because L-arginine dilates the blood vessels. It is also used by people attending gyms to improve blood supply to the muscles. Its action is confirmed by research and it provides a longer and stronger erection.

Maca Root (Peruvian Pepper)  – it is responsible for improving libido in men. Research confirms its effectiveness and safety of use.

Terrestrial mace (Tribulus Terrestris)  – the use of its agent is also associated with the improvement of libido. It also positively influences the production of testosterone and the amount of sperm.

Ginseng (Korean Ginseng)  – it is used in many potency agents. It has a very good effect on a man’s potency.

Fenugreek (Fenugreek)  – an agent that increases the production of testosterone in the body, as well as facilitates blood flow.

Eron Plus price

The manufacturer offers 3 options for purchasing this product. Of course, the more packages you buy at once, the lower the price, so it’s worth taking advantage of the six-month offer right away. The packages available on the manufacturer’s website will be presented below.

Basic package – 1 piece, which is enough for 1 month and costs 189 PLN.

Standard package – 2 items + 1 item for free, the product is enough for 3 months, and its price is PLN 378.

Optimal package – 3 pieces + 3 pieces of the product for free, the product lasts 6 months, and its price is PLN 567.

As you can see, buying a package for six months is the most optimal option for customers.

Effects of using pills for erection

Each person is built differently, so two different people may feel a given measure in a slightly different way. However, according to customer reviews, the most frequently noted are:

  • increased sex drive,
  • increased satisfaction with sex,
  • a significant increase in the desire for sex, which translates into an increase in libido,
  • improvement of an erection, i.e. it becomes longer and stronger,
  • a positive increase in self-confidence and well-being, which makes the person feel more confident in bed, as well as in other daily activities.

Side effects of Eron Plus

The product has no preparations that could create side effects. For most people, they are not noticeable, so it is certainly a great advantage of using this product. However, the manufacturer has no influence on the customer’s sensitization, so if someone has contraindications for using any of the ingredients, they should not take it. People who have no idea about their allergies should discontinue the drug immediately and see a doctor in the event of complications. Contraindications to the use of the product are:

– heart problems,

– blood pressure problems,

– diseases of the human circulatory system.

Dosage of pills for potency

Two packages are delivered to the customer, each containing 60 capsules of the product.  Eron Plus  it is recommended to use it twice a day, so it is enough for a month.

Capsules should be used with some time interval, so take one in the morning before breakfast and the other in the afternoon or even in the evening. It all depends also on when the intended intercourse is to occur. The second product that comes in the package to the customer is Eron Plus Before which is used before intercourse.

It is recommended to take it about 30-45 minutes before the planned sex. The number of tablets you should take is between 4 and 6. It is worth taking 4 tablets once and seeing the effects, and when these are not satisfactory, increase the number of tablets you take. For some people 4 is enough and the product will meet their expectations, so it all depends on the person.

It is worth noting that the customer receives two packages of the product, so it is double the power. One package that is used every day has a positive effect on the man all the time, and before the planned intercourse, you can strengthen the effect, which will be significant anyway. It is a great convenience for every man, because there are cases of unplanned intercourse and thanks to the use of the agent every day you will be ready for such circumstances.

Where to buy Eron Plus

eron plus price

Special Promotion: 50% DISCOUNT + refund in case of
dissatisfaction with the product



To avoid buying fakes,  order the product on the manufacturer’s official website here.

This product is quite popular, so you can find it on various websites. Some of them are uncertain and customers hear the name of the website for the first time, while others are quite popular, such as Allegro, where to find this product. Another suggestion is simply the manufacturer’s website, where you can be 100% sure about the product you buy.

Allegro-type websites – there are lower prices there, but not always, because, as you know, two packages of the product should be delivered to the customer in the original packaging. Often on Allegro you can find a cheaper offer, which, however, only offers 1 package, and thus it is not a full product. The next factor is, of course, the quality of the potency remedy. It is not known where such a product comes from, and whether it is an original product bought from the manufacturer. The customer who wants to buy it risks at his own request.

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