Libido – disorders and causes. How to increase libido? Tablet ranking


Libido, or sex drive, depends on many factors, e.g. the functioning of the endocrine system. In women, it is usually closely related to the menstrual cycle, and in men, with age and lifestyle. What is libido, what causes its disorders and how to deal with it?

What is libido?

The name of libido is a term used for the first time by Sigmund Freud, who treated it as life energy in the form of sexual energy. Libido is understood as mental sexual arousal that is designed to meet the needs of the body.

It is different from person to person, and there are no top-down guidelines on when it is sufficient and when it is not. It is determined by personal feelings that suggest whether the libido is too low. There are people who have no sex drive and are called asexuals.

Libido disorders

Sexual drive disorders begin when our sex life has been successful and satisfying, and suddenly, for blind reasons, we feel the lack of any needs in this area. That’s when we usually start looking for ways to reawaken our lust.

How to increase libido?

Libido hates routine and boredom. If sex in a relationship looks the same every time, it’s a straightforward path to a weakening of your sex drive and a crisis in your relationship. This applies not only to behavior in relation to the partner, but also to change of place or time of day, as well as underwear.

On increasing libido  smells can have a positive effect. The oils relax and stimulate the senses. Almond oil is perfect for massage, and jasmine oil for bathing.

In case of problems with sex drive, it is also worth trying natural aphrodisiacs. A delicious dinner ended with a dessert with dark chocolate and a hint of chilli, will effectively awaken the senses. With your meal, you can drink a dry wine that will improve circulation and help you relax. In summer, a chilled martini melon will be the perfect dessert that will not only cool the body, but also improve libido.

A good idea to awaken your libido is to wear erotic lingerie. Walking from the morning in a sexy set, every woman will feel beautiful and special, even if she has many complexes.

Nothing turns up your appetite for sex more than sending dirty text messages. Think of sexting as a long foreplay that will end in the evening at home.

Female libido can effectively awaken geisha balls. They can be worn for several hours with daily activities. Smaller balls hidden in the balls make them vibrate, thus irritating the vaginal walls. It is not intense enough stimulation to trigger an orgasm immediately, but it can be truly enjoyable and is a great way to foreplay before cuddling with your partner.

Factors influencing libido

how to increase female libido

Libido can weaken just about anything. Psychological and social factors, age, and hormones usually affect the level of sex drive. Irregular lifestyle, stress and stimulants can also reduce libido. Also, insomnia, problems at work, long-term indigestion and even the weather can affect your sex drive.

In women, libido usually drops during the menopause, when the hormonal balance is disturbed. Sexual desire is also lower when prolactin levels are too high. For example, in breast-feeding mothers, high levels of this hormone occur in order to prevent another pregnancy. Chronic diseases, such as diabetes, depression, taking certain medications and an unbalanced diet also affect the decrease in libido.

What hormones affect libido?

Hormones are the main axis that regulates the maintenance of normal sexual function. The most important of them are:

Estrogens  – it is a group of sex hormones that consists of three similar hormones: estriol, estrione and estradiol. Otherwise known as steroid hormones, they are produced on the basis of cholesterol. Estrogens are synthesized primarily in the ovaries. Also in small amounts in other tissues such as the brain, placenta and fat cells. These are hormones responsible for breast growth and the overall shaping of the female figure. They also influence the perception of sexual stimuli.

Testosterone  – it is the main natural androgen that is usually associated with the male sex hormone. However, it is also produced in the female body. His tasks include maintaining the body in optimal physical and sexual condition, influencing desire and excitement.

Prolactin  – it is a hormone synthesized by the pituitary gland. It is responsible for the proper adaptation of a woman’s body to the period of pregnancy and lactation. It is also a hormone that is associated with triggering the maternal instinct. One of the endocrine disorders is hyperlipoproteinemia, i.e. too high concentration of this hormone in the blood. This can lead to infertility, galactorrhoea, disturbances in the menstrual cycle and a decrease in sex drive.

Thyroid hormones  – hypothyroidism caused by a decrease in T3 and T4 hormones, as well as with an increase in TSH levels, is currently one of the most common diseases of civilization. Thyroid disorders are often associated with a decrease in libido. A general decrease in energy, a depressed mood and a lack of desire for sex may be due to insufficient amounts of thyroid hormones.

Natural ways to fight low libido

To improve the level of your libido, it is worth doing sports regularly. During physical activity, various hormones are released in the body. Endorphins make a person feel more relaxed and happy. They also lower the level of stress, which has a beneficial effect on the level of sex drive. Many women who regularly exercise strength experience an increase in testosterone levels, which is also a stimulus to increase libido.

Another factor that can improve your sex life is getting enough sleep. So make sure you get enough sleep every day. The period of sleep should be uninterrupted, at least 6-8 hours.

It is worth knowing that some foods can also increase libido. Mainly it is about certain substances found naturally in food that enhance the sex drive. Natural aphrodisiacs include ingredients such as cinnamon, ginger, chillies, bananas, avocados, figs and oysters. Some of them increase blood flow, which also increases your sex drive.

Pills to improve libido ranking

There are supplements available on the market that contain substances that effectively increase the level of libido. They help reduce the feeling of anxiety and stress and increase circulation  and dilate blood vessels, and also raise blood pressure, thus stimulating an increase in libido.

1. Femmax

It is a preparation containing natural ingredients, thanks to which it works effectively and safely. It is a male equivalent of Viagra, which when used shortly before intercourse not only increases the desire but also intensifies the sensations during intercourse. It is a dietary supplement that is completely absorbed by the body. It was created in the form of capsules containing a specially selected portion of ingredients that also improve metabolism and blood supply to the genitals.


2. Femin Plus

This preparation increases the level of libido even in women who have had serious problems with it. The supplement contains the highest quality ingredients that have been combined in the right proportions. The product includes l-arginine, responsible for optimal vaginal blood supply and hydration, which increases the comfort of intercourse. The preparation also contains damiana leaf extract, which has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and relieves tension.

Fenugreek has a positive effect on the condition of the skin, regulates blood sugar levels and reduces inflammation and, importantly, is considered one of the most effective aphrodisiacs. Ginseng root also improves the level of libido and additionally improves the work of the immune and nervous systems. Cocoa extract adds energy and vitality, while the smooth licorice root soothes nervous states and improves well-being.


3. Libido Therapy

A product created for women who want to improve their erotic life. It is a dietary supplement based on herbal ingredients and does not contain hormones. The preparation facilitates relaxation and full enjoyment. You can feel the effects of using Libido Therapy after just 5 days! Thanks to carefully selected ingredients, it does not work at once, but regenerates the female body by providing it with the right substances that guarantee an amazing orgasm.


4. Viamea

The supplement has an effective temporary effect with reduced libido and reduced sexual desire in women. Due to the natural composition, the preparation does not cause side effects, while increasing sexual sensations. It should be taken about half an hour before intercourse. Thanks to natural substances without hormonal additives, the product is highly safe.


5. Senstra

This preparation is an excellent remedy for awakening the female senses. The composition includes: in large-flowered epidemic, which is a natural aphrodisiac. In Chinese medicine, it is used to treat impotence and general weakness. Another valuable ingredient is the damiana leaf, which increases your sex drive and sexual appetite. Scabies mites gives energy, fights sexual dysfunctions and fights the effects of stress and improves well-being. Senstra sensitizes blood vessels in the intimate area, and this increases desire. The supplement also adds vitality and improves the endurance of the body.


It is worth remembering that lowering the libido level can happen to anyone. However, there are many effective ways to improve it. As the desire for sex diminishes, steps must be taken to regain it. Sometimes it is enough to take care of the right circumstances and a favorable mood to get more desire for sex.

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